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A Medical Brigade is our primary vehicle in order to make entrance into a community. It helps build trust with families and local leaders. Building relationships with the local people, creates the foundation for evaluating the communities needs. With time, we are able to develop strong relationships with the local health department that is important to sustain our long term projects.


During a Medical Brigade, our primary goals are to not only provide temporary pain relief, but to educate the patients we see for self-care management in illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Such illnesses can lead to vision loss, renal failure and amputations if remained untreated. Another of our focus is women empowerment and infant care. The countries we currently work in have a high mortality rate of expecting mothers and newborns. Currently one out of every three babies born in rural villages is able to make it to a hospital the rest cannot. Thus, with the collaboration of the local community and our funding partners we are able to build necessary facilities so that they may have access 24/7.  

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