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Ismael and Sarahi, both were born in 1985 in San Diego, CA., began their ministry at an early age as pastor’s kids. Having a strong passion for medicine and community organizing, Sarahi joined the Flying Samaritans during her undergraduate years at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).


As clinic coordinator, she coordinated monthly trips to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico with groups of 15 students and healthcare providers. During that time, Sarahi met Ismael. Ismael became a part of the Flying Samaritan’s to join Sarahi on her trips to Mexico. After completing their college careers and passing on their positions to the next incoming class, Sarahi and Ismael both felt in her hearts to continue doing the same type of mission work but with the purpose of using medicine as a way to bring the Gospel to communities in need.


Ismael, having a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Fresno State University, and a past missionary of Honduras (1997-2001), developed a plan and established the organization, Christian Worldwide Medical Brigades (CWWMB) in 2009. While Ismael established the business portion of the organization, Sarahi prepared a group of thirty volunteers, a forty foot container full of medicine, supplies, and items for an orphanage. Initially, their goal was to travel to various countries around the world, but after seeing the great need and receiving 4 acres of land to help build a clinic, they decided to focus in the country of Honduras for the five years, until the completion of a medical facility were established.


While in gradaute school, both Sarahi & Ismael continued to oversee the programs of Christian Brigades as a side hobby since school took up their entire time. After completing graduate school, they hired their first empolyee, Heather Carney, a good friend of Sarahi, who assisted with grant-writing and program planning. At the end of 2015, funding was provided for Sarahi & Ismael to dedicate full time to the organization. 


Today, Sarahi & Ismael both dedicate their time fully to the organization to empower volunteers of all ages locally & abroad, while bringing hope to rural communities around the world. 


Some of their most recent accomplishments have been the completion of a medical facility in Honduras, where practicing physicans and skilled professionals will be able to roatate thru. Another recent accomplishment was begining their next project in Zambia, Africa in collaboration with the First Lady of the country, Mrs. Esther Lungu and the Esther Lungu Foundation. 


Their hope is to bring access to health care to rural communties around the world as a method to share Jesus through it all.



To partner with Christian Brigades or get involved contact us at:  



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