Christian Brigades is an interfaith organization providing sustainable health care, community development, educational structure, and emergency relief to underserved communities around the world through volunteer efforts.




Each year, over 3,000 patients are attended receiving 6 months worth of medication, hygiene supplies, and health education material through the support of volunteer efforts and local supporters.


Christian Brigades believes in leaving a legacy in the countries it works in whether it may be the empowerment of health providers, or the construction of a medical clinic. 


In 2015, Christian Brigades was able to build a state of the art medical facility in a village where no access to medical care was available. 


The “A.C Nava Medical Center” is now open in Honduras bringing basic health care services and emergency care to a population of 15,000.


For 9 years, Christian Brigades has taken teams of volunteer professionals, community leaders, and students to meet the healthcare needs of patients in marginalized villages.


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