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The Spiritual Department is the foundation for all other departments, based on Luke 9:2 “And he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.”

Spiritual Outreach:

The Spiritual Department focuses to use the process of healing as a tool to deliver the message of salvation. This department is composed of ministers and pastors with a great passion to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the Medical Brigade attends the physically needy. With the purpose of empowering the local churches to grow quantitatively and qualitatively, our spiritual department strives to educate and equip the local churches with intensive semi-annual training on community outreach, Christian education and friendship group development.


Spiritual development in rural countries has never been needed as much as is needed today. People in rural areas are in desperate need of leadership that will empower them to come closer to their local communities. Through the implementation of Home Friendship Groups in the communities and villages, the word of God can be shared sporadically and stategically.


Areas of spirtual work consist of:


1. Church and Community Integration

2. Leadership Counseling

3. Prayer and Devotional Support


Every volunteer under the Spiritual Brigade is equipped, trained, and developed with the proper materials to teach and support the local church groups to embrace the need of the communities.

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